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Discussion on LED lighting market development cut a point analysis

Discussion on LED lighting market development cut a point analysis

Oct 23,2012
LED lighting market development more andmore heat, from the current market, not just after LED lighting industry willusher in the industry of high-speed development period. At present the firstpoint of abroad, promotion of the area is in 2, 3 and two, but the LED street lamp evenforeigners are very cautious. So I think do blind LED Street boss is likely to become a "revolutionary pioneer ", while the other two market will develop manyindustry " leader " force.

Currently the most heat is LED street, in theMinistry of science and technology ten city light drive below, with surprisingenthusiasm in advance, a lot of people prying into this market, seems to befirst up lighting field. Currently there are 21 pilot city, is expected to1000000 next year, the Ministry of science and technology plan approved 50 city,is expected to 2000000 lamp, this is Chinese characteristics! Is to createChinese speed! But the overall product maturity worrying; may also be thelighting field was so rotten a market, there is a repeat of the LED guardraillamp initial suspicion, whether the bubble has been more serious? Although it isprosperous, is very lively, it is foreseeable after government money, eventuallyafter 2-3 years will develop a number of good LED photoelectric technologycompany, perhaps this is the ultimate aim of the seat of government.

LED lamp cup, cup is LED lighting should,first of a field, has been mainly is the product solution is not mature, so itis difficult to large-scale application. From the previous die-casting, nowaluminum extrusion profiles; but to solve the heat and power supply productsare not seen, that is, no one can be applied in commercial product scheme.Although the LED itself cost has declined significantly, but the market has beenno big improvement. Recently saw some foreign reports Toshiba has launchedseveral can very good solve cup thermal and power products, if that is true, Ithink the lamp cup market should be followed by T8-led thereafter, quickly. LEDis also the first hope to expand a field.

LED similar T8 pipe application, from thecurrent market products plan, already close to commercialization product launch,I think that was the first to be mature promotion of a market. Currently usedparking lots, shopping malls, advertising Backlight Market; but also with thecurrent product cost and price is close to basically already commercialapplication near the point ( 150). A good product, whether in the optical,thermal, and a power processing are relatively mature scheme. Products are alsothe most close to commercialization. Of course, the current market there are alarge number of low quality products. It is currently the largest challenge.With the United States Energy Star and the European Union related standard,believe that the above problems can have very big change, that is to say, T8-LEDcommercialization have begun.

At present, WAL-MARThas been in the world begins from T8-LED in the replacement of the traditionalfluorescent lamp can be seen on the segments of the hope has the day is not too distant when.
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