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US researchers improved organic light-emitting diode technology

US researchers improved organic light-emitting diode technology

Nov 19,2012
Xinhuanet Losangeles July 17 report ( reporter Guo Shuang ) the United Statesresearchers developed a new type of " spin " organic light emittingdiode ( OLED ) technology, the improved organic light emitting diode and lightemitting diode ( LED ) compared with more advantages.

OLED refers to the organic material in theelectric field luminous technology, it has the active light, no back light,bright color, the advantages of low power consumption. The researchers think,effectively improve the OLED luminous efficiency, reduce the manufacturingcost, the OLED is expected to replace the currently widely used in computer,TV, lighting equipment and other electronic products LED.

The United States University of Utahresearchers in the latest issue of the United States " science "magazine published a research report said, they developed a new type of OLEDusing a so-called organic spin valve device. The device has a 3 layerstructure, the middle organic layer corresponds to the semiconductor,ferromagnetic metal layers on both sides. The organic layer using the name" deuterium DOO PPV " polymer, the polymer can emit the orange light,its low cost, capable of improving luminous efficiency. The whole device isvery light, can be mounted on the lamp inside.

The researchers say, this technique canonly work in a low temperature environment, still need to be perfected further,in order to meet the work requirements under the condition of room temperature.In addition, also want to create a generation of white light OLED.

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