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British children's hospital using animation type LED interactive digital signage to please the children

British children's hospital using animation type LED interactive digital signage to please the children

Jan 7,2013

Recently a children's hospital to installLED based interactive digital signage, its purpose is that when the childrenwere sent to the operation room, digital signage can play to please thechildren in the hospital 's role. The animation style LED projector and manyother digital signage look different. It will art wallpaper and interactive LEDlights instead of the video a perfect combination, however this also perfectlyproved that if the creative use of science and technology, the effect of thisis how amazing.

Jason Bruges studio ( this is an interactivedigital signage installation company, headquartered in London ) recently for the London Great Ormond Street hospitalcompleted a projector installation work. The projector is to attract theattention of children, and when children reach the anaesthetic room "natural response" reaches the top when to appease their role.

This display originated from an idea, theidea is to the life of the patient journey as " natural path, "hospital walls will be forest canal, accompanied by a digital signage salientpoint to the past who opened the mysterious veil of various forest biology,these animal including horses, deer, hedgehog, bird and frog. Throughinteractive interactive, children's emotion has been slow, benefit their healthrecovery. The Beijing Children's Hospital and other medical institutions withStar digital signage to create digital, interactive medical environment,actively alleviate patient mood, improve the level of medical care, also forpatients with established health, rehabilitation of the environment.

According to the studio claimed, thatmonitor basically has two main elements: the whole of the LED panel and theimage of the wallpaper. The LED panel is embedded in the different height ofthe wall surface, aimed at eye level and along the corridor around patientlocation flat. When the digital signage to start the animation type light mode,the digital signage surface but also shows the abstract animal walking images,these animal in the woods and forest defoliation through. The display consists of70 LED panel, at the same time, the total number of LED lamps is as high as72000.

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