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LED Sign

LED Sign
LED SignLED SignLED SignLED Sign
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Update TimeMarch 31,2023
Detail Information

two-line(semi-outdoor)two-line(semi-outdoor)   two-line(15.24mm)two-line(15.24mm)  20mm20mm

Excellent visibility, even in daylight

Super bright LED Open Sign


Super bright LEDs

Place for usage: Supermarkets, shopping mall, stores, shops, hotels, motels, restaurants, clubs, bars or any place as you like.
Be More Convenient for Customer's Display or Advertising.
Want to attract customer's attention and send a message, Send the right message clearly and effectively with a brave, bold LED SIGN in vivid flashing excitement. In these 'glance and go' times, your business can take advantage of LED Sign get the point across fast!

Specific parameters, please refer to the product specifications in PDF format.


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