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High Power Lamps

High Power Lamps

High Power Lamps
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Update Time2020-09-25
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NFL-EF5W1EAF(A) 6000-7000KNFL-EF5W1EAF(A) 6000-7000KNFL-EF6W1EAF(A) 6000-7000KNFL-EF6W1EAF(A) 6000-7000KNFL-EK3W3EAF(A) 6000-7000KNFL-EK3W3EAF(A) 6000-7000KNFL-EWJ85EAC-LVR8(A) 6000-7000KNFL-EWJ85EAC-LVR8(A) 6000-7000K

Power :1 watt ,3watt and 5 watt.

Colors: red, orange, yellow, amber, green, blue, and white

Specific parameters, please refer to the product specifications in PDF format.


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