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CNN in The Empire State Building LED display the results of the election

Update Time:11-12-2012

If in New York,the public want to know in the United States in the general election ballotresults real-time, just looked up, have a look that can be displayed in TheEmpire State Building LED.

For this election coverage, CNN in the TheEmpire State Building of the wall decoration red and blue LED lights, at thestart of the campaign, the The Empire State Building LED light displayreal-time voting results, blue represents Obama, red represents the romney.With the increase of number of votes, LED light also rises gradually. When aparty wins after the whole building, The Empire State Building, LED displaysthe winning party colors.

In addition to TheEmpire State Building the landmark building, by watching a CNN program andCNN.com access can also be seen in the election real-time news.

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